We have called Nashville’s Historic Germantown “home” since 2008 when we relocated from our previous offices downtown. We often get questions about our building, and we are always happy to share details…

It was originally designed as a single-family residence by Adam Ryan.  It is a modern interpretation of a Dutch Revival Home that reflects the larger houses that once dotted the neighborhood.  The firm hired the original designer and builder to convert it into office space.

Here is how the Metropolitan Nashville Historic Commission described it when presenting the firm with an award for best infill.

This infill project was designed to complement the area’s historic charm. Developed as a mixed-use property, but suggesting the traditional structure of a Victorian-style home, the house has a garden-level floor with separate entrances, and a stately first floor, complete with reclaimed doors, to complement Germantown’s affinity for unique front doors. Detailing such as trim and thick exterior walls mimic older masonry wall construction. As an added touch, the floors from the historic Melrose Bowling Alley, which was demolished in 2005, were incorporated throughout the main level—all thirty lanes of the Melrose were reclaimed and repurposed. We loved all of the details in this project, from the exterior brick work to the copper gutters and downspouts, from the window wells to the second floor terrace.

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We’re proud to call Nashville’s Historic Germantown Neighborhood our home.
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