Dodson Parker Behm & Capparella Attorneys Tyler Yarbro and Margaret Behm Among Founders of Tennessee Freedom Circle to Raise Awareness and Advocate for Reproductive Freedoms

September 21, 2022

Tyler Yarbro and Margaret Behm are among a group of lawyers who have founded the Tennessee Freedom Circle, an organization that seeks to connect and educate lawyers working to advance reproductive freedoms and to empower those who want to make changes to the laws that impair the reproductive decisions of all Tennesseans. The group came together following the August 25, 2022 enactment of Tennessee’s trigger ban law, which criminalizes the act of performing an abortion.

You can read more about Tennessee Freedom Circle and the efforts of its founders, by visiting the website www.tnfreedomcircle and by following the media coverage of the organization’s launch at WPLN-News, News Channel 5, and Tennessee Lookout.